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Yes. Your company, product or business video should have cinema quality!

On The Fourten Digital Video production website you will find every answer to any of your video production, video editing and videography service questions and needs.   You will also find a Video production company in San Diego (Carlsbad) that exceeds the regular standards in the Video Production Industry!  You will be absolutely blown away on how a local company can far exceed the Video Production and customer service needs of you and your company, business or personal project.  We cater to everyone from Large Corporations, Products, to medium and small companies as well. 

We are redefining "web video, ʻcorporate videoʼ and broadcast media in San Diego. We simply donʼt do dull or boring. Instead, we draw heavily on cinematic techniques in order to achieve a finished product that looks and feels a lot more like something you would watch on TV or in the MOVIES than you would expect to see in a meeting room or on low end sites.

Corporate and online video can be exciting and engaging. You need to work with a team that understands that. Fourten Digital Media provides every variety and genre of video production services in Carlsbad and San Diego California. Call and tell us about your project today!

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Cinematic Video Production Services

You are probably asking "What is Cinematic Video Production?"  Right!
This is the difference, FourTen Digital Films using the latest High Definition (HD) Cinema Video

Full Cinema Camera and Cinema Lenses

Production equipment, Cinema Cameras, broadcast sound and HMI lighting kits for all of our Video Services.  In short, Standard Definition (SD) has less information or ʻpixelsʼ than HD. Less information means less detail and less detail means lower quality. By filming in Cinematic HD, this ensures maximum image quality.  The Cinema Cameras and lenses that FourTen provides uses a Larger Sensor Camera Setup that gives a "movie like" feel to all of our videos. The Cinema Camera look is much more engaging and is the high quality "HD LOOK" you see on TV commercial productions, or on the BIG SCREEN.  Its a big difference, and with the wide variety of Cinema Lenses we bring on every set, is guaranteed to knock the socks off of every viewer watches a FourTen Digital Media "CINEMA VIDEO PRODUCTION SAN DIEGO!").

"Over 85% of the country’s Internet users viewed online video content in September 2013 alone".

But it’s not just that video is big right now – it’s that it’s getting bigger. Earlier this year, Social Media Examiner reported that video was the number one area where marketers planned to increase their investments for 2013-2014.

Video Production Service for "Habitat for Humanity" in San Diego California

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